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Hand of pedersen leaves souness feari전주안마ng axe 일산안마 일산출장안마(4.18.12)

* The hammer of pedersen will not blow the trees out of the way (4.18.12)

* A’special’ weapon can be found in the dungeon (4.18.12)

* a scroll of enchant weapon is a little easier to use (4.18.12)

* Added ‘unstable’ form: wands and potions (4.18.12)

* Removed ‘teleporting’; the move and spell speed are still available (4.18.12)

* Removed ‘random’ form: walking and swimming (4.18.12)

* Reduced level of some monsters (4.18.12)

* Monster is not invulnerable in fire; they have the fear bug but they have fire resistance (4.18.12)

* Some monsters have higher fire resistance (4.18.12)

* Monsters lose a bit of health when you’re in water (4.18.12)

* Tiles get tougher (4.18.12)

* Sticky ice will break (4.18.12)

* Mummy ‘nails’ a target, draining it. You can kill mummies (see below) as long as the mummy is alive and it is touching a weapon (see ‘nail’) (4.18.12)

* An acid weapon does less damage against some nasty things (4.18.12)

* Removed many monsters and removed some monster names (4.18.12)

* The ‘Noxious Poison’ status is the wrong description (4.18.12)

* Monsters have a lower HP limit (4.18.12)

* Monsters can take some damage from a different damage type (4.18.12)

* Stomp monsters take more damage and have a shorter attack speed (4.18.12)

* The monster is immune to poison if it has the ‘poison resistance’ and ‘fangs’ status (4.18.12)

* Monsters drop coins in gold pieces instead of being dropped (4.18.12)

* All’monsters with ‘no armour’ status and ‘no w호 게임eapon’ status (4.18.12)

* Monsters have ‘blind’ status and will not be blinded if attacked by a ‘blind’ weapo

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