Children blamed for taxi attacks in broome, broome

Children blamed for taxi attacks in broome, broome

MUNICH — Taxi drivers and passengers in Munich on Monday said they were being scapegoated for attacks at bus stations and bus stops that left 17 people injured and two others dead.

One bus driver said the attacks on the Munich-Wedding Street area, in the city’s Oberhausen district, a few minutes apart in the morning, were not orchestrated by Islamic State or others, but simply the work of taxi drivers. “They would take all of us at one time and kill many people with guns,” said the driver, who would only give his name as Frank to avoid repercussions from authorities. “It’s completely illegal.”

The driver, who did not want his name used, and other taxi drivers, all of whom declined to give their names, said it was common for passengers to say they were trying to leave the area, which is usually empty, but then come back just after 7 a.m., waiting to be picked up at a separate site a short distance away.

“Once a passe김천안마타이 마사지nger got on the bus, he or she would always be greeted by a cab driver,” said the driver, who said some taxi operators and passengers sometimes used lang우리카지노계열uage of intimidation to discourage riders from trying to leave the area. “After that, they would always pick up and drive away from the area on their own cars. This is something that we didn’t notice at first.”

The driver and other passengers all said they knew of a man who was driving the UberX service for the area and told him about the incidents of bus-station attacks. “This guy has to be responsible,” he said, adding he believed the attack on the bus stop near the city center had been organized and had left more than nine other people injured.

The city’s public security minister, Michael Lau said he hoped “the perpetrator behind the attacks has already been caught. Our priority will now be to hunt him.” The mayor of Munich, Ralf Jäger, said the attacks had “absolutely no connection with the [Islamic State] or any other radical, radical terrorist organization.”

Lau said the UberX service would stay shut to passenger transportation in Munich until Monday. Uber has been operating in Munich since April after a law banning the ride-hailing service from operating in the city was signed into law this year, in response to a rash of incidents of attacks on buses that occurred in recent years.

A spokesman for Uber in Germany, Chris O’Leary, said Monday tha

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