Burma cyclone death toll hits 15000

Burma cyclone death toll hits 15000

July 27

More than 100 died in Myanmar as a storm hammered the capital, Yangon, on Friday, officials said.

A total of 3,922 people were confirmed to have died in the worst outbreak of cyclone death since 1998, the United Nations’ Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre (DRRRMC) said.

One other person died on Saturday after jumping off a bridge in Yangon city after fleeing a mudslide, according to official sources.

“It was clear on Saturday morning that this would be a devastating event,” DRRRMC director of emergency services Htaye Myo told the AFP news agency.

A government evacuation order was issued for more than 100,000온카지노 people due to the risk of flooding from storms.

On Saturday, a major road bridge collapsed during a torrential downpour in Myanmar’s east, injuring at least 10 people.

The collapse triggered a major landslide that claimed several lives and left several people missing in one of the worxo 카지노st typhoon storms in Myanmar’s modern history.

The storm left a gash in a road and damaged homes near a small river, killing at least eight people and leaving around 200 injured.

‘Gravitation’ of cyclone to make landfall on west coast, China warns

July 18

A powerful cyclone with sustained winds of 185km/h – the highest recorded strength of the Saffir-Simpson wind scale – has been forecast to make landfall on the Korean peninsula, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website said on Sunday.

The Cyclone Nargis swept north-northwest across the South Korean peninsula with gales of up to 125km/h and heavy rainfall, Nargis was forecast to produce, the Weather Channel reported.

The cyclone’s impact will only become visible later on Sunday morning, although its speed, strength and proximity to the Pacific coast is still unclear, it said.

There was no official statement from the US National Hurricane Center, but the British Meteorological Service, which also published the Cyclone Nargis graphic, said it is predicted to bring heavy rainfall and coastal flooding.

“I predict there will be a lot of heavy snow on the Korean peninsula,” the service said on Sunday, while the Met Office said that while visibility may improve on Sunday, the storm remains a danger to people along the peninsula’s coast.

Severe thunderstorms were also pos도박sible on the Korea

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