15 killed in indonesian plane crash, 3 wounded

15 killed in indonesian plane crash, 3 wounded

KUALA LUMPUR: Police confirmed that a man was killed when a plane crashed in Jakarta on Sunday.

But officials would not specify what the plane was either. They said all of the passengers were Indonesian and the pilot was Malaysian.

Police said n김해출장마사지o casualties have been reported and that they would hold a news conference soon on the flight, which hit a mountain village around 3pm local time (7pm ET).

The accident occurred near the city of Lombok city, near the airport in the Indonesian city of Surabaya.

Police said they also rescued a woman injured in the plane crash.

They said the passenger was reported to be Filipino, but there were no local details on nationality.

“We do not have any information so far on the nationality of the dead man or how he became part of the crash,” Lombok deputy Insp코인카지노ector-General Asyraf Kachirul said in a televised statement.

Kachirul said the plane was registered in Australia.

A statement carried by the city’s news website said a total of 20 people were aboard, including 13 Australian citizens.

Two Malaysians and a Chinese were rescued.

Indonesia was facing a de바카라 사이트adly year-on-year increase in suspected terrorist bombings on a scale not seen since the 1995 Bali bombings.

In February, 22 Indonesian men, including three police officers, were killed when a bomb exploded at an upscale shopping mall in the southern Indonesian city of Bandung.

In October, a bomb and suicide belt went off at a hotel near the upscale capital of Bandung killing nine people, including the hotel manager.

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